Towers - EP

by Kahone Concept

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Hi, my name is Ben and I am 19 years old. I started this project way before I put a name to it, but officially started putting things online to share with my friends and family in 2015. Most of the songs from my first ep "CLOUDS" I wrote and recorded my senior-year of high school/summer in my bedroom. I write and record the music on my own. I started off playing the drums and then really got interested in the guitar when I was in 4th grade. I realized later on that it was really difficult to find people to play with so I began teaching myself other instruments and learned how to record. Little did I know that you can't learn just one thing without having to learn 5 million other things. However, I am very thankful for is this experience and chance to learn new things and can't wait to learn even more, I have a long way to go yet.

I put a lot of thought into each song and everything about this project. Except grammar. I am terrible at grammar, but that is besides the point. Everyone has their own beliefs and or thoughts and it is very important to be aware of those things. Without questioning ourself or our existence we would never be able to progress as individuals or as a whole. Although just listening to music to hear noise is very very enjoyable to myself, I want to make it mean more than just a pattern of frequencies that keep myself and others entertained for a few minutes. I want the music to be the trigger that sends your brain exploding with thought and positive growth and hopefully inspire you to become aware of yourself and everything. You will never be able to find every answer in this world, but you can learn a lot along the way just by being concious that there is more to life than what society promotes. In this world there are two kinds of people, you either get it, or you don't. Kind of like grammar.



released January 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Kahone Concept Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Boxes
Four hours of consciousness that’s gone
Sontering the gathering with joy and fun
Fenced by friends until they’re gone away
It’s time to drive myself home

I press the knob for novacane to rid the quiet
the drugs only give me the shakes
Thirty rounds ago my crow was flying north for cold
Now I want to drive my car off the road

Please tell me I’m a life worth saving
People die, yet I sit here gauging
Whether I wanna keep my gift I doubt I ever sell

We crave the box that grasps our eyes
Excuses ease our guilt when we know we don't even try
Reach out your arms those four walls could give you life
Fools can only blame themselves when they get their desired prize

So we put our hands down to our sides
and hope we get one small in size
To send our crows down south in flight
To build a nest in summer time
To lose a game will kill your name
So you see fit that you don’t play
Woulds coulds and shoulds will pad my fall
From my ego high up above
The dust on my empty mantle

Please tell me I’m a life worth saving
People die, yet I sit here gauging
Whether I wanna keep my gift I doubt I ever sell

Why do our tops spin off being drained?
Launched by moments happiness is seen

If only I knew what came of me
When my eyes no longer see
Will my soul be anything?
So lie to me

Please tell me we were lives worth saving
We have died now we’re sat here gauging
Where we went wrong
Track Name: 21 Grams
No bounds
Seven daily rounds
Spinning just for you

To walk away from pre-paid lengths
Your meters time
Just needs an inch or maybe your life
You’re hands they shake just to remind
The frames you see are very much so not in your psych
So keep them close to life
A leash a dog can’t pilot
And run fast through the night
Sit and point to the ground
Look your killer in the eye
And end his mile

All of your friends here aren’t standing here for fun
You’ve pick up your piece and now the win makes them all run
You’re left all alone in this world
And that’s fine
The flashing of red and blue will always follow your guide

The sun does rounds it will be ok
Your head’s full from the loop
Metaphoric rhymes are my way that I
Cope with the move

Twenty one grams of breath in you
Your weights more than your size
We’re measured by our sight
Back and forth this weather's forecast leaves us all in rain
This cardboard box I found on my head leads me to my faith

The sun does rounds it will be ok
Your head’s full from the loop
Metaphoric rhymes are my way that I
Cope with the move

Alas we are here again with crowds stood on their toes
Goliath wins bets, but know one here has really ever known
It’s not your first fight
And I won’t lie
There will be more
Forget all the feet and show them yards will win this war

The sun comes around it’ll be ok
Your eyes bulge from the view
Brothers you’ll be fine
Just know that I’m going through this too

Distances can’t measure weight
No twenty one grams weigh the same
Track Name: Bullet in a Box
Come the days light fades to black
I swear I’m not fine
Medication can’t save my soul
I theive myself of life
Should I shoot myself again
Why’d you shoot yourself again
I swear I’m not what I like
Break free you’re too good to try
Guard your rust that turns to gold

Come the days light fades to black
I swear we’re all not right
Medication can’t save our souls, but it’s what keeps us alive
Depression slits through my flesh
If i’m bleeding how can I be fine
That blood's not your own
It just masks what lies inside

Can you shoot your debt right dead
You know that you shoot to kill
Guilt and desperation is covered up with the thrill
A long night alone is slept away through the day
Running from the doctors doesn't keep sickness away
You’re taking the wrong pills, are you willing to trade?
You know I’ll take the bad ones if it keeps you awake

Light up again, cause you told me you were fine
You’re just lost in your head
With a gun against your head?
I know you’re scared too slow too run
Stop the pin and just hold on
A bullet in a box suits you best off
Bullet in a box
Track Name: Mines and Mind
I think I broke the systems lines
Between two words of lie and policy you’ll find me
I’ve come to grips what’s in my mind
My gloves have taken time to spare my hands from blisters

Mind your minds
Mines in mind

If my God asks me to sin
You can damn me
Books of law aren’t religion
You can chair me
Exude me

Monochrome don’t have much longer

Objective gospels what we’re subject to subject
Our subjective to objective point of views
A program works because it’s not a product of
It’s own though the numbers don’t change figures

All surrounded, groups are bound
I don’t fear you anymore
All collective thoughts are drowned
Water is air that’s in our mouths

If my God asks me to sin
He can damn me
Books of law aren’t religion
They can chair me
Exude me

Thought’s a slug and my brains loaded

Keep reading
Stop feeding
Rubber can’t mask your light
Our boxes glow this ball just bounces out our shine
We’re in the palm of a hand seeing just how high
Track Name: Forefront
So today I’m dressed to ride
My clothes aren’t mine
New Years Eve has always lied
We have no time

And I cry the wolf
I should be scared of sheep
And I know the sheep will be sometimes me
Cold lies

So today I’m dressed to drive
My clothes are mine
New Years Eve was always right
We still have time
And I am the wolf
and I fear no sheep
And I know the sheep will never be me
Bold eyes